Hellraisers Journal: Whereabouts and Doings of Mother Jones for December 1907, Found Attacking Roosevelt in Chicago

I long ago quit praying and took to swearing.
If I pray I will have to wait
Until I am dead to get anything
But when I swear I get things here.
-Mother Jones


Mother Jones, Tacoma Times, Sept 19, 1904Hellraisers Journal, Saturday January 11, 1908
Mother Jones News Round-Up for December 1907:
-Found Speaking before Chicago Federation of Labor

During the month of December 1907, Mother Jones was first found in the pages of the Appeal to Reason regarding a planned tour of the state of Texas as an organizer for the Socialist Party of America. She was next found speaking at a meeting of Chicago Federation of Labor where, according to The Inter Ocean, she used “a choice selection of profanity” and attacked Roosevelt for sending troops to quell the Goldfield miners’ strike. We also found a trip planned to the city Milwaukee on behalf of George Pettibone who was then facing trial in Boise, Idaho. And lastly, we found the city of Dallas, Texas, looking forward to visit from Mother Jones sometime in the January.

From the Appeal to Reason of December 7, 1907:

AtR Tri-State Edition, Dec 7, 1907


AtR Tri-State Texas, Dec 7, 1907


Mother Jones is on her way to Texas to fill appointments. All who desire appointments with her are asked to write this office. Terms the same as for other speakers routed by this office.


From The Inter Ocean of December 16, 1907:

Calls for One Thousand Women to Go to Washington
to Protest Against Sending Federal Troops
to Goldfield District.

In a speech lasting more than an hour, “Mother” Jones, who has made herself conspicuous in the Western Federation of Miners, occupied her time in blaspheming the Deity, denouncing the government, and delivering to the delegates present at the [Chicago] Federation of Labor a choice selection of profanity yesterday.

“Mother” Jones wanted 1,000 women to go to Washington to tell President Roosevelt their opinion of him for sending federal troops into the Goldfield district.

From the Appeal to Reason of December 21, 1907
-From Tri-State Edition, Texas:

With the Organizers.


Mother Jones-In northeast Texas, beginning at Texarkana, Jan. 1.


From The Milwaukee Journal of December 23, 1907:

MOTHER JONES COMES.-Mother Jones, the trades unionist, is expected in Milwaukee shortly to raise funds for the Moyer-Pettibone trial in connection with the death of ex-Gov. Steunenberg of Idaho.

From The Dallas Morning News of December 29, 1907:

Socialist Agitator Will Make Speeches
in Dallas.

“Mother” Jones, the Socialist agitator, is coming to Texas. She will be in this State after Jan. 1, and announcement is made that one or more dates will be arranged for her in Dallas.

“Mother” Jones is designated by Socialists as “the grand old woman.” She has given years of her life to the labor movement, and though now more than 70 years old is still actively engaged in the propagation of Socialism. Her addresses this winter are to deal largely with life in the coal mines.




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Source for quote on praying & swearing:

Mother Jones, Tacoma Times, Sept 19, 1904

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