Hellraisers Journal: “To The Memory of Frank Little-Hanged at Midnight,” A Poem by Arturo Giovannitti

Arise with a mighty roar!
Arise and declare your war:
For the wind of the dawn is blowing,
For the eyes of the East are glowing,
For the lark is up and the cock is crowing,
And the day of judgement is here!
-Arturo Goivannitti


Hellraisers Journal, Sunday September 23, 1917
“When the Cock Crows” by Arturo Giovannitti, a Poem for Frank Little

From Solidarity of September 22, 1917:

Cock Crows for Frank Little, Giovannitti, 1-4, Sol Sept 22, 1917


Cock Crows for Frank Little, Giovannitti, 5-7, Sol Sept 22, 1917


Cock Crows for Frank Little, Giovannitti, end, Sol Sept 22, 1917


Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology
-ed by Joyce L Kornbluh
PM Press, Mar 1, 2013
(search: cock crows)

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(Air: “Barcarolle” from the “Tales of Hoffman”)
By Gerald J. Lively


You’ve fought your fight, a long good night
Is all that we can say.
Sleep on, sleep on, your work is done
Brave fighter for the Day.
Kind Mother Earth who gave you birth
Receives you to her breast.
For us the Fight, for you the night,
The night of well earned rest,
No more you’ll feel the cling of steel,
You’ve burst the prison bars,
You gave your life in this our strife,
Brave conqueror of stars.
Sleep on, sleep on, your work is done,
Sleep on, sleep on, sleep on.