Hellraisers Journal: “The drudgery I would not do, O Lord, assign to others.”

You ought to be out raising hell.
This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Hellraisers Journal, Friday February 11, 1898
Modern-Day Pharisee Prays to Save His Milk-White Hands

From the Appeal to Reason of February 5, 1898:

Pharisee's Prayer, AtR p3, Feb 5, 1898


Appeal to Reason
(Girard, Kansas)
-Feb 5, 1898

See also:
“Yours for the Revolution”: the Appeal to Reason, 1895-1922
-ed by John Graham
University of Nebraska Press, Jun 1, 1990


The Lumberjack s Prayer – Utah Phillips