Hellraisers Journal: Suppression of Industrial Workers of the World Justified as “War Measure”

Don’t worry, Fellow Worker,
all we’re going to need
from now on is guts.
-Frank Little


Hellraisers Journal, Friday September 14, 1917
Federal Government Claims “War Measure” for Move Against I.W.W.

From Ohio’s Marysville Evening Tribune of September 10, 1917:

WWIR, IWW, BBH EGF Tresca, Mryvl Jr OH, Sept 10, 1917

Caption above reads:

Photos by American Press Association.

Despite protests and talk about the “violation” of personal liberty and the freedom of the press, government officials, headed by Attorney General Gregory (No. 3 in the accompanying pictures) are going ahead in their vigorous action against the Industrial Workers of the World. Such action follows the nation wide invasion of the offices of the organization and the seizure of documents which government officials say incite men and women to violate the laws of the United States. Specifically the I. W. W. is charged with making war against the war plans of the United States and thus hindering the prosecution of the conflict with Germany.

The members of the organization are accused of instigating labor troubles in the copper and iron mines of Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Arizona and other states, and have been conducting strikes in the lumber regions, including the spruce forests of Washington, where timber is being taken out for the construction of airplanes. The I. W. W. is also accused of plotting destruction of farm machinery in order to hinder the production of food crops.

No. 1 shows an I. W. W. strike crowd in an eastern city; No. 2. William D. Haywood, leader of the organization; No. 3. Attorney General Gregory; No. 4, left to right, three leaders of the I. W. W., Carlo Tresca, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Haywood.


The Evening Tribune
(Marysville, Ohio)
-Sept 10, 1917

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