Hellraisers Journal: Strikers Battle Company Gunthugs in Hibbing; Sam Scarlett Arrested in Virginia

You ought to be out raising hell.
This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Friday June 30, 1916
Mesabi Iron Range, Minnesota – More Arrests in Miners’ Strike

Funeral of John Alar, IWW Leaders, Virginia MN, by GR Dawson, June 26, 1916

From today’s Duluth News Tribune:


Fierce Fight Follows Attempt of Workman
to Enter Sellers Pit.
Brothers, Fighting Side by Side, Fall
Beneath Strikers’ Knives.
(By a Staff Correspondent.)

HIBBING, June 29.-Four men were injured, one of them perhaps fatally, here tonight in the first clash to take place between authorities and strikers. Three alleged I. W. W. strikers are under arrest on charges ranging from inciting to riot to disorderly conduct. All of the trio received numerous superficial wounds in the battle with the Oliver company and Hibbing police.

Martin Teller, chief of the Oliver Iron Mining company’s special deputies , is most seriously wounded. In the battle he was stabbed four times; twice in the back, once in the thigh, and once between the ribs.

His brother Charles, who was fighting at his side, suffered a deep cut on the side of the neck.

Dick Giffin, a special deputy for the Mahoning Mining company, and Marcus Clark, a worker at the Sellar mine, received a shower of blows from the clubs of strikers.

The three strikers locked up are Steve Dronjack, Eli Manovich and Raphael Pett. All of them are battered up by the billies of the officers.

Dronjack is alleged to have been the man who used the knife, although none was found on him when he was searched. Eye witnesses say they saw him run from the scene with a knife in hand…

George Andreytchine, leader of the strikers, was in the crowd, and shouted that the men had done nothing to warrant a clubbing and arrest.

“If they start, we’ll finish it,” he shouted…

Second of Strike Leaders Arrested
as Result of Banner in Parade.

VIRGINIA, June 29.-Sam Scarlet [Scarlett], principal leader of the strike of the miners of the Mesaba iron range, was arrested this morning on a charge of criminal libel. He is alleged by the Oliver Iron Mining company to have carried or caused to be carried the banner with the words, “Murdered by Oliver gunmen.” Scarlet was arrested by chief of Police Owen Gately and was arraigned before Judge James P. Carey in municipal court. Bail was set at $300 and was furnished immediately.

Carlo Tresca was released yesterday on a similar complaint and warrants are out for Joseph Gilday and Joseph Schmidt…


The Duluth News Tribune
(Duluth, Minnesota)
-June 30, 1916
-See pages 1 & 5 for more reporting on
the miners’ strike.

Funeral John Alar, IWW Leaders, Virginia MN, by Dawson, June 26, 1916
(Tresca 2nd from left in front row, I believe Frank Little is directly behind Tresca.
Help to identify the others would be much appreciated.)


All Hell Can’t Stop Us
Lyrics by Ralph Chaplin

All Hell Can’t Stop Us – Twin Cities Labor Chorus