Hellraisers Journal: Socialists Praise Ida Crouch-Hazlett of Montana News for Reportage on Haywood Trial

To advocate peace with things as they are
is treason to humanity.
This is a class struggle and on class lines
it must be fought out to a finish.
-Ida Crouch-Hazlett


Hellraisers Journal, Friday August 9, 1907
Helena, Montana – “Comrade Hazlett is a dandy.”

Now that Big Bill Haywood has been freed from the Ada County Jail and has returned in triumph to Denver, Colorado, Ida Crouch-Hazlett has also been able to return to her home in Helena, Montana, where she can resume her duties as editor of the Montana News. During the past several months, she has been working as a correspondent, residing first in Caldwell and later in Boise, Idaho, from where her reporting on the Haywood Trial has been read eagerly by Socialists, especially those of Montana and Milwaukee.

From the Montana News of August 8, 1907:


Ida Crouch-Hazlett, Socialist, Montana News, Aug 3, 1904

The Social Democrat Herald says:

It is fitting just at this time for us to partly discharge a debt of gratitude to our correspondent at the Haywood trial, Comrade Ida Crouch-Hazlett, editress of the “Montana New.” Her reports were remarkably comprehensive and graphic and gave our readers an actual look in at the trial through socialist eyes. We are only sorry that more socialist papers did not avail themselves of her fine reports. And we regret also that we were not able from considerations of the limitations of our space, to print every word of the reports she sent us.

One paper did so, the Montana News, and we venture the belief that the readers of that paper secured a better idea of the work and progress of the historic trial than did the readers of any other party paper. Through the long and wearing trial, in a torrid courtroom, Mrs. Hazlett stuck to her post, and after the exhaustion of the day, spent long hours in the evening preparing her copy and telling the Social-Democrats of the country how the great inquisition was progressing. She was peculiarly fitted, also, for this task, from the fact of having formerly been a resident of Colorado and being familiar with the shocking and inhuman tyrannies of the mine owners in the great labor war of 1904.

[Paragraph break added.]


The reports of the trial that the News printed from the pen of Comrade Hazlett have brought us a large number of compliments. Below a few of them that have reached this office:

Comrade Mabie says:

Mrs. Hazlett analyzes the trial from a socialist standpoint better than any other who is reporting the trial from Boise.

A Great Falls comrade writes:

Montana should be proud of Comrade Hazlett and the work she is doing at Boise.

A. Lewis of Carbon county informs us that he did not get the last issue of the News and desires one sent to him as he does not want to miss any of Comrade Hazlett reports as they are the best printed in any socialist paper.

M. L. Baker of Livingston writes:

Comrade Hazlett is a dandy. She shows the trial up from a socialist standpoint better than any one else. Well done thou good and faithful Comrade.

A Fergus county reader says:

The Socialists of Montana are lucky to have Mrs. Hazlett working on the News. Her reports of the trial beat any I have read and I take a large number of socialist papers.


[Photograph added.]

Editorial from the Montana News:

Montana News, Ed Ida Crouch-Hazlett, Aug 8, 1907

It is our intention to have Comrade Hazlett at Boise during the trial of Pettibone when that trial takes place. We believe that the readers of the News will be pleased to learn of this and will be much interested in the reports which she will send.

It is rather early to predict whether Pettibone will ever be tried or not. The state may drop the case in disgust or the mine owners may rally to the attack with renewed and redoubled determination to convict somebody in order that they may recover something from the defeat they have suffered in the acquittal of Haywood.

The fight is not over yet and we must not relax our vigilance.

In keeping Comrade Hazlett at Boise the News and its staff had to assume considerable financial risk and if she is to remain at Boise during the trial of Pettibone it will be necessary that we receive good support from the socialist of Montana.

We are not asking far donations to continue this work, which has cost us considerable in the past. All that we ask is that you send in as many subs as you possibly can. If every reader will only secure one new subscriber, our circulation will be doubled and we will be in better shape to do better than we have in the past.

Do you desire Comrade Hazlett to report the trial of Pettibone? If so, increase the circulation of the News.



Montana News
“Owned and Published by the
Socialist Party of Montana”
(Helena, Montana)
-Aug 8, 1907

Ida Crouch-Hazlett, Socialist, Montana News, Aug 3, 1904
Montana News, Ed Ida Crouch-Hazlett, Aug 8, 1907

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