Hellraisers Journal: Poems for Our Boys in France from the United Mine Workers Journal

That old blood sucker,
the kaiser, ought to
be kicked off his throne.
-Mother Jones


Hellraisers Journal, Friday December 28, 1917
“In Flanders fields the poppies grow…”

From the United Mine Workers Journal of December 27, 1917:

“In Flanders Fields” by John McRae-

UMWJ Cover, Poem Flanders Field, Dec 27, 1917


“To a Soldier in France” by Grace Hazard Conkling-

Doodle, Century Magazine, Poem by Conkling, Dec 1917UMWJ p3, Poem To Soldier in France, Dec 27, 1917


From Century Magazine of December 1917:
Photographs from article, “With Our Boys in France” by Herbert Adams Gibbons-

Century Mag, Our Boys in France-3, Dec 1917
Century Mag, Our Boys in France-2, Dec 1917
Century Mag, Our Boys in France-1, Dec 1917

[Photographs by Captain W. C. Sherman, U.S.A., aide-de-camp to General Sibert, and by the Y.M.C.A.]


UMWJ Cover, Dec 27, 1917

The United Mine Workers Journal, Volume 28
(Indianapolis, Indiana)
-Nov 1, 1917-May 2, 1918
Executive Board of the United Mine Workers of America
UMWJ Cover Dec 27, 1917
“In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae
“To a Soldier in France” by Grace Hazard Conkling

Doodle: from Conkling’s Poem as published in
Century Magazine of Dec 1917:
Photos of soldiers from Century Magazine of December 1917
-“With Our Boys in France” by Herbert Adams Gibbons

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