Hellraisers Journal: “Labor in Prison; America, 1917” by Charles Ashleigh, Cook County Jail, Dec 25th

The Word is said; the Time is nigh.-
Stand fast, O rebel clan!-
For, what are gallows or jails to us
Upbuilders of the Plan?
You cannot stay the Debtor’s Day,-
The Heritage of Man!
-Charles Ashleigh


Hellraisers Journal, Monday February 4, 1918
From the Cook County Jail: “Labor in Prison” by Charles Ashleigh

From the International Socialist Review of February 1918:

WWIR, Labor in Prison-1, Charles Ashleigh, ISR Feb 1918WWIR, Labor in Prison-2, Charles Ashleigh, ISR Feb 1918


International Socialist Review Volume 18
(Chicago, Illinois)
Charles H. Kerr and Company
July 1917-Feb 1918
ISR of Feb 1918
“Labor in Prison; America, 1917” by Charles Ashleigh

Prison Poem Dedication by Charles Ashleigh

Witten in my cell, Cook County Jail, Chicago, Ill., U. S. A., December 25th, 1917, and dedicated to the workers in all lands who are undergoing captivity that, one day, the world may be set free.