Hellraisers Journal: Haywood Wins Thousands of Votes for Governor of Colorado While Facing the Gallows in Idaho

Have courage and energy;
they may put us in jail,
but imprisonment is not defeat.
Yours for economic freedom,
Ada County Jail, Boise, Idaho.


Hellraisers Journal, Sunday November 25, 1906
Colorado Socialists and Unionists Cast Their Votes for Haywood

Colorado Election Results from the Montana News of November 22nd:


Haywood for CO Governor, AtR, Aug 25, 1906

Returns very incomplete. Enough to show more than 20,000 for Haywood and the Socialist ticket. Grand Junction goes 500 for Haywood, Telluride over 450 for Haywood. Great frauds every where, especially in Denver, where Socialist watchers were thrown out. In some places Socialists were prevented from voting.

Telluride is one of the towns from which Socialists and trade unionists were deported in the strike troubles of the Western Federation of Miners during the last few years.

A dispatch in the New York “Evening Globe” gives Haywood 4,389 votes in the city of Denver.

The Socialist vote in the entire state of Colorado in 1904 was 4,304.

Dispatches in the New York papers state that the entire republican state ticket is elected with the exception of William H. Gabbert, the candidate for chief justice. Gabbert was one of the judges who trampled on the law and constitution by assisting the Mine Owners’ Association in their outrages on the officers and members of the Western Federation of Miners.


[Photograph added.]


Montana News
“Owned and Published by the Socialist Party of Montana”
(Helena, Montana)
-Nov 22, 1906

Haywood for CO Governor, AtR, Aug 25, 1906

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United States Gubernatorial Elections, 1861-1911:
The Official Results by State and County

-by Michael J. Dubin
McFarland, Jul 14, 2010
(Colorado 1906 results on page 28,
or search book with: Haywood 1906.)
(Party Abbreviations on page xiv.)

Note: Text gives final results as follows:
Election held November 6, 1906.
Winner: Buchtel-Republican: 92,602 votes (45.59%)
Adams-Democrat: 74,416 (36.63%)
Lindsey-Independent: 18,014 (8.87%)
Haywood-Socialist: 16,015 (7.88%)
Chamberlain-Prohibition: 2,087 (1.03%)

Bill Haywood’s Book: The Autobiography
of William D. Haywood

International Publishers, 1966
-my copy is 1983, see page 202
Note: Big Bill had this to say about the election and about one of his opponents, Judge Ben Lindsey:

The Socialist Party of Colorado nominated me as candidate for Governor in the elections of 1906. It was a most unusual proceeding, to nominate a man who was in prison in another state. I wrote a letter of acceptance, but I might remark that I didn’t run; I just marked time. Still, after the elections the returns showed that I had something over sixteen thousand votes, which was not a bad endorsement in a state where the vote was as small as that of Colorado. In this election I ran neck-and-neck with Judge Ben Lindsey, the reformer who conducted the children’s court in Denver.

We thought that Judge Lindsey was inclined to be friendly to the W. F. M. but we had had occasion at one time to take exception to his method of giving the children who came before him vacations. He had suggested that they should be sent out to work in the beet-fields. [Editor John] O’Neill wrote a strong article in the Miners’ Magazine against this proposal to work the children in the fields, and told Judge Lindsey that it would look better on his part if he would try to arrange real vacations for the children in pleasant places in the mountains. This suggestion was received favorably by the judge, who tried to put it into effect.

Hellraisers Journal: It is not an act of civilized warfare to turn machine guns on women & children. (Testimony of Judge Lindsey before CIR in 1914.)

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Colorado Reports, Volume 39, 1908
(Search with: Gabbert.)
Note: It appears that William H. Gabbert did manage to win re-election to the Colorado Supreme Court, although, after Jan 8, 1907, he was no longer the Court’s Chief Justice.

The Cripple Creek Strike:
“A History of Industrial Wars in Colorado, 1903-4-5; Being a Complete and Concise History of the Efforts of Organized Capital to Crush Unionism”
-by Emma Florence Langdon
Great Western Publishing Company, 1905
(Search with: deportations.)
(Search with: Gabbert.)