Hellraisers Journal: From The Masses: Suffragists Picket “Kaiser Wilson” by Boardman Robinson

We women of America tell you that America
is not a democracy.
Twenty million women are denied
the right to vote.
-Alice Paul


Hellraisers Journal, Sunday October 7, 1917
Drawing by Boardman Robinson: Banner of Arrested Suffragists

From The Masses of October 1917:

Woman Suffrage, Jailed by Robinson, Masses Oct 1917

Detail-The Offending Banner:

Woman Suffrage, Jailed by Robinson, Detail 2, Masses Oct 1917

Detail-The Offended President:

Woman Suffrage, Jailed by Robinson, Detail 1, Masses Oct 1917


The Masses
(New York, New York)
-Oct 1917
“Suffragists v Kaiser Wilson” by Boardman Robinson
-& details

See also:

This Day in History: Aug 28, 1917
“President Woodrow Wilson picketed by women suffragists.”

The Washington Times
(Washington, District of Columbia)
-Aug 28, 1917
“Six Suffragists, Given New Trial, to Picket Again”

The New York Times
(New York, New York)
-Aug 29, 1917
“Arrest 10 Women Pickets;
-Suffragettes Out on Bail Again Taken into Custody”

NYT of Aug 30, 1917
-not all suffragist agreed with tactic of picketing the White House:

STATE SUFFRAGISTS CONDEMN PICKETING; Saratoga Conference Almost Unanimous in Disapproval of Harassing Wilson. FULL LOYALTY IS PLEDGED Women Refuse to Invite Miss Rankin to Speak–Demonstration for Mrs. Catt. Miss Schneiderman Dissented. Seeks Preventive of War. Big Mass Meetings Planned. Vanderlip Sees Bright Prospect. Says Women Want to Fight.


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