Hellraisers Journal: Eugene Debs Will Not Be Going to Boise at Request of Haywood’s Defense Attorneys

The worm turns at last, and so does the worker.
Let them dare to execute their devilish plot
and every state in this Union will resound
with the tramp of revolution
-Eugene Victor Debs


Hellraisers Journal, Tuesday June 4, 1907
Boise, Idaho – Eugene Debs Will Not Attend Haywood Trial

From the South Dakota Lead Daily Call of June 1, 1907:


Haywood’s Attorneys Request Debs,
the Famous Socialistic Labor Leader,
Not to Attend the Trial Now on at Boise


HMP, EVD, Eugene OR Guard, May 30, 1907

BOISE, Idaho, June 1.-Eugene V. Debs, the leading apostle of socialism in the country, has been requested by Attorneys Richardson and Darrow to stay away from Boise during the progress of the Haywood trial. Debs has replied to the letter of Haywood’s counsel announcing his acquiescence in their desire.

The correspondence was perfectly friendly, Debs accepting the reasons advanced by Richardson and Darrow as sufficient.

The socialist problem is a serious and difficult one for the defense attorneys. A dozen representatives of as many socialistic publications are attending the trial and each is at odds with the other….


The request to Debs was made because of a statement published over his signature a year ago in which he declared for an armed demonstration if the Colorado men were executed…

[Photograph added.]

From the June 3rd Evening Star of Independence, Kansas:

Debs Treats Ladies to Ice Cream


Girard correspondence in the Pittsburg Headlight [Pittsburg, Kansas]: Eugene V. Debs, who is living in Girard for the present, treated the ladies who are employed at the Appeal to reason office very liberally to ice cream, cake and candy at Decker’s Candy Kitchen, after office hours last Friday afternoon.




Lead Daily Call
(Lead, South Dakota)
-June 1, 1907

The Evening Star
(Independence, Kansas)
-June 3, 1907

HMP, EVD, Eugene OR Guard, May 30, 1907

See also:

“Arouse, Ye Slaves!” by Eugene V. Debs
First pub’d in Appeal to Reason on March 10, 1906

Bill Haywood’s Book
The Autobiography of William D. Haywood

-by Big Bill Haywood
International Publishers, 1929
See pages 206-7, for Haywood’s opinion on why Debs did not come to Boise
in order to cover the trial for the Appeal to Reason:

The Last Presbyterian?: Remembering the Faith of My Forebears
-by Kenneth L. Cuthbertson
Wipf and Stock Publishers, May 8, 2013
(search with: debs decker’s)
Writing about Girard, Kansas, the author recounts this story:

Debs loved children, and once bought my Aunt Juanita-who became the matriarch-a sack of chocolates at Decker’s Candy Kitchen on the town square.