Hellraisers Journal: Eldest Daughter of Bill Haywood Grows From Girl to Woman; Cares for Sister, Comforts Invalid Mother

There are no limits to which
powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Hellraisers Journal, Monday June 17, 1907
Boise, Idaho – Vernie Haywood, Daughter of Big Bill Haywood

The following photograph, although sadly miss-named, is the best that we have found of Vernie Haywood, the eldest daughter of William D. Haywood. Vernie was born in Nevada in November of 1890. She turned 16 last November. Henrietta is Haywood’s youngest daughter who was born in Silver City, Idaho, on June 28, 1897. She will soon celebrate her 10th birthday.

From The Seattle Star of May 20, 1907:

HMP, Vernie Haywood, Stt Str, May 20, 1907




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The Seattle Star
(Seattle, Washington)
-May 20, 1907
HMP, Vernie Haywood, Stt Str, May 20, 1907