Hellraisers Journal: Carlo Tresca Welcomed Home to New York City with Mass Meeting and Kisses to Both Cheeks

You ought to be out raising hell.
This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Hellraisers Journal, Tuesday December 26, 1916
New York City – Carlo Tresca Welcomed Home at Mass Meeting

From the New York Sun of December 25, 1916:

I. W. W. Leader Kissed on Both
Cheeks at Public Meeting.

MN16, Parade for Tresca etc, NYC, Dec 2, 1916

Nearly a thousand anarchists and Industrial Workers of the World expressed in a variety of ways yesterday their happiness at the return to New York of their fiery leader, Carlo Tresca, who has been on trial* in Minnesota as a result of his activities in the Mesaba iron range strike.

A meeting of welcome was held in Manhattan Lyceum, 66 East Fourth street. In his exuberance William Shatoff kissed the protesting Carlo first on one cheek and then on the other, while the crowd yelled its appreciation of the scene Shatoff afterward made a speech, but as it was in Russian it will not be reported. Hundreds of his compatriots gathered around Carlo and kept him busy shaking hands for half an hour. Then the meeting began. Tresca said the Minnesota iron miners were ready for another strike “when the gong rings.”

[*Note-Tresca did not stand trial, but was released as part of a plea agreement.]


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The Sun
(New York, New York)
-Dec 25, 1916

MN16, Parade for Tresca etc, NYC, Dec 2, 1916
EGF, Tresca, MN Iron Miners Strike, Ev IN, Aug 17, 1916

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EGF, Tresca, MN Iron Miners Strike, Ev IN, Aug 17, 1916

Several thousand Wobblies and anarchists assembled at the Manhattan Lyceum Theater at 66 East 4th Street on Christmas Eve, 1916, to give Tresca a hero’s welcome upon his return from Minnesota. Before resuming his activities, Tresca spent several days just resting and eating at the Flynn household to regain the strength he had lost during his incarceration. The happiest member of the family was Flynn’s son Buster, now a sickly child going on seven, who adored Tresca as a father and rejoiced that he was back home. This rare moment of domestic communion ended abruptly around the New Year. Like Tresca, Flynn always put career before family, and despite promises to him and Buster that she would stay home for a lengthy period, she left for Seattle to aid the seventy-four Wobblies unlawfully jailed on murder charges after the Everett Massacre…”Carlo was shocked and amazed,”Flynn recalled, “that I would even consider leaving him after he had ben in jail since July…[He] was so angry that he did not write to me for six weeks after I arrived in Seattle.”

[Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was, at that time, his lover.]

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All Hell Can’t Stop Us – Twin Cities Labor Chorus
Lyrics by Ralph Chaplin

Written by Ralph H. Chaplin, in Leavenworth Pen.
(Tune: “Hold the Fort”)

Now the final battle rages;
Tyrants quake with fear.
Rulers of the New Dark Ages
Know THEIR end is near.

Scorn to take the crumbs they drop us;
All is ours by right!
Onward, men! All Hell can’t stop us!
Crush the Parasite!

With a world-wide revolution
Bring them to your feet!
They of crime and persecution-
They must work to eat!

Tear the mask of lies asunder;
Let the truth be known;
With a voice of angry thunder,
Rise and claim your own!

Down with Greed and Exploitation;
Tyranny must fall!
Hail to Toil’s Emancipation;
Labor shall be all.