Hellraisers Journal: Appeal to Reason Takes on Collier’s Claim That “Best Detectives” Know Orchard Told the Truth

There are no limits to which
powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones


Hellraisers Journal, Sunday October 6, 1907
The View from Girard, Kansas: Collier’s Licks the Velvet Hand

From the Appeal to Reason of October 5, 1907:

“Crucify Him!”

HMP, Haywood in Cell, Colliers, June 22, 1907

Collier’s Weekly, in the face of all the antagonistic circumstances under which Haywood was tried and acquitted, says that it is privately informed by the best detectives in the country that Orchard told the truth. Well, the Appeal is informed by the best detectives in the country that Orchard maliciously lied, to save his craven neck, under the paid expert coaching of a man whose antecedent history in the “Mollie Maguire” period, and at Parsons, Kan., where good citizens made affidavits denouncing him, shows him to be a creature whose moral pulse beats lower than a snake’s. All the time Orchard was “telling the truth” he was telling stories of his own despicable treachery and double dealing for pay.

HMP, Orchard on Stand, Colliers, June 22, 1907


Of course, to Collier’s he was ‘telling the truth” when he said that he lay on the roof of Bradley’s back porch watching for the milkman, when a disinterested contractor, unimpeached by any circumstances, came forward and made solemn oath that he built that identical porch several months after Orchard’s “explosion,” which blow-up a gas company paid damages for, as being due to their own defective pipes. For shame, Collier’s! Your best detectives must be the speak-easy pussy-foots who for twenty-five years have been joining labor unions and subscribing to most solemn and binding pledges with the prearranged treachery of violating them. Twelve friends and neighbors of Steunenberg, non-union men, said by their verdict that Orchard lied. You were cur enough to lend your dressy well printed columns to studied articles pretending fairness but in every line breathing over-anxiety to convict Haywood; and all the hosts of the bourgeoisie, and America’s Royal Brute, with the unspeakable Orchard, shouted “Crucify Him!”

HMP, Haywood Jury, Colliers, June 22, 1907


Ah, Collier’s, the Socialists know too well the economic determinism that, true as the needle to the North Star, makes you whimper and lick the velvet hand that feeds you your bread and butter.


[Photographs added.]


Appeal to Reason
(Girard, Kansas)
-October 5, 1907

HMP, Haywood in Cell, Colliers, June 22, 1907
HMP, Orchard on Stand, Colliers, June 22, 1907
HMP, Haywood Jury, Colliers, June 22, 1907

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“The Moyer-Haywood Case” by C. P. Connolly
-This eight-part series begins with the May 11, 1907 edition of Collier’s and ends with the edition of July 27, 1907. Sadly, I could find only parts 1-5 online.

(Springfield, Ohio)
Crowell-Collier Pub. Co.

Colliers’s Volume 39, No. 1-14

I.-May 11: “The Story of the Idaho Mining Troubles”

II.-May 18: The Murder, and the Arrest of Orchard

III.-May25: “The Kidnaping”

IV.-June 22: “Harry Orchard and His Story”

V.-June 29: “The Colorado Labor War”

VI.-July 6: “The Colorado Labor War (Continued)”
VII.-July 20: “The Colorado Labor War (Concluded)”
VIII.-July 27: “What Has Been Brought Out in Haywood’s Trial”

Source for Connolly’s “Moyer-Haywood Case” series in Collier’s:

On page 815, Lukas lists the eight parts of the series by Connolly along with dates published.

Big Trouble:
A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America

-by J. Anthony Lukas
Simon and Schuster, Jul 17, 2012