Hellraisers Journal: A New Socialist Publication: The Messenger, Edited by A. Philip Randolph & Chandler Owen

Nothing counts but pressure, pressure, more pressure,
and still more pressure through broad,
organized, aggressive mass action.
-A. Philip Randolph


Hellraisers Journal, Thursday November 1, 1917
From New York City – Randolph & Owen Publish The Messenger

The first edition of this fine new Socialist publication came out in August of this year. The edition introduced below is Volume 1, Number II, for the month of November:

Messenger, Cover 1st Ed, Nov 1917

The Messenger-Contents for November:

Messenger, Contents 1st Ed, Nov 1917


Statement from A. Philip Randolph and Chandler Owen:


We are no longer the “Hotel” Messenger.

In the first place the name was too narrow.

In the second place the radical tone of the editors’ writings did not set well with the “thought-controller” in the hotel field. We did not always say”nice” things about the head-waiters’ attitude toward the side waiters and the inadequate wages paid them. The clothes proposition was also a moot question whose ventilation is not to the taste of the powers that be.

The steady and numerous requests by the intelligent, radical, forward-looking and clear-eyed thinking patrons for the editors to rid themselves of the hindering name, have borne this fruit-The Messenger.

So here we are in the big, broad world of human actions trying to do our “bit” in supplying light and leading.

We shall interpret social, political and economic conditions, municipal, state, national and international, with calm, dispassionate poise.

We shall always strive to eradicate error and to denude hypocrisy regardless of the garb in which she happens to be clothed.

The Messenger shall be forward, aggressive, militant, revolutionary.

The Messenger shall ever fight for the economic and intellectual emancipation of the workingmen.

It shall ever fight for peace-a durable, permanent and democratic peace.

It shall ever fight the hydra-headed monster-race prejudice.

It shall ever champion the cause of free speech, free press and free assemblage.

Such is our aim.

On we go.

Will you support the Messenger, your race and humanity?

The Editors.


The Messenger on Scientific Radicalism:

Messenger, Ad Scientific Radicalism, Nov 1917

Randolph and Owen endorse Morris Hillquit for Mayor of New York City:

Messenger, Randolph and Owen, Nov 1917


The Messenger
Messenger Volumes 1-2, 1917-1920
The Messenger
(New York, New York)
-Nov 1917
Messenger, Cover, Nov 1917
Messenger, Contents, Nov 1917
“The Editors’ Statement”
Messenger, Ad Scientific Radicalism, Nov 1917
Messenger, Randolph and Owen, Nov 1917

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