Hellraisers Journal: Last Act of Judge Jackson Is to Release the Murderers of Raleigh County Miners

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Hellraisers Journal, Wednesday March 15, 1905
From Cincinnati Enquirer:
Judge Jackson’s Last Act on Behalf of Coal Companies

Who among us can ever forget the Massacre of the Raleigh County Miners of West Virginia? Judge Jackson also remembers and, thus, made sure to release their murderers as his last bit of work before leaving the bench. From yesterday’s Enquirer:

Of Judge Jackson Was the Release of
Deputies Charged With Murder


African-American Coal Miners OH, e-WV

Charleston. W. Va., March 13.-John Jay Jackson to-day wound up his career here as a United States Judge. He rendered his decision in the cases of Gaujot and Summers, growing out of the famous Stanford City fight between miners and Deputy Marshals two years ago.
Gaujot and Summers were indicted for murder in the State Court in Raleigh county, and were taken before Judge Jackson on writs of habeas corpus. Their cases were heard more than a year ago, but this decision was held up pending an appeal in the cases of Laing and Hurt in similar cases decided by Judge Jackson and taken to Circuit Court of Appeals. He had released the men on the ground that they were acting as Deputy Marshals of the United States when the killing was done, and therefore were not amenable to state law. His decision was affirmed by the higher Court. He held the same way in the Gaujot and Summers cases, and they were both released from custody and bond to-day.

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